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Presstek 52 DI

Unlike a traditional offset press, the Presstek 52 DI is designed for automation. This is done through an integrated software system that does everything from making the plates on the press (saving an hour of make ready) to adjusting the ink levels based off of the submitted file (something that was traditionally done through a process of educated guessing). What does all this mean to you? We spent less time printing your job which means we charge you less. And with the ability to do a press check, you can make sure that the colors are exactly what you had in mind.

Konica AccuRioPress C2070

Our first backup to the C1070, has an inline booklet maker and the ability to run 13×19 and up to 300 gsm (14 Point). This machine prints at 2400×2400 dpi and has the ability to produce quality work (at reduced speeds).

Konica Bizhub Press C1070

Fast, Reliable, High-Quality Output. Print up to 13×19, 350 gsm (16 Point), with inline booklet maker (up to 200 pages of 20#) and face trimmer, and inline spectrophotometer for color consistency from first to last print to name a few of its features.

Xerox C75 Press

Our second backup to the C2070, give us the peace of mind to ensure we are able to meet our customer’s deadlines.

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Plockmatic System 2000

Our state of the art booklet maker can build up to 3,000 booklets per hour! It can also trim the face of the cover and provide square binding for your product, event, newsletter and many other types of books to leave a lasting impression on your prospective audience or customers.

CreaseMaster Plus

When creating Brochures, especially on our premium card stock, details matter. That’s why we use the CreaseMaster Plus to ensure a great quality finish in any of our folding jobs by reducing any cracking from folding and providing precise perforations for your projects.

Original Heidelberg Windmill

Die cutting sheet sizes up to 13×18 and embossing gives us the ability to make your business stand out. Feel free to stop by to see samples of what this machine can do.

Baum 418

This folder can fold up to a 18×25 sheet eight times with a right angle, and speeds up to 8200 sheets per hour. This unit also has the ability to perforate and score.

Polar-Mohr Eltromat

Our production cutter with high-cutting capacity and shortest setting times can cut with ease and quickness. This ensures that you get your job cut to precise measurements and finished in a timely manner.

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Through our technology, we push all the right buttons that create efficient printing, branded promotionals and program solutions that benefit you by delivering quality quick every time.

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